Vintage Kantha

Upcycled Vintage Quilts

In India, kantha is not only an ancient and revered form of embroidery but also a testament to the art of repurposing with grace and creativity. This time-honored craft has been practiced for centuries by countless South Asian women. The word "kantha" carries a deeply poignant meaning, symbolizing the transformative act of making whole again that which was once fragmented or broken.

One of the unique aspects of our kantha is the vintage charm each piece holds. The fabrics used are repurposed from several heirloom-quality blankets, each carrying their own story and history. We select these vintage textiles with an eye for beauty and quality, and then they are carefully embroidered together, layer upon layer, using the classic "running stitch." This technique creates our truly one-of-a-kind kantha quilts, imbued with a sense of nostalgia and timelessness that only vintage materials can provide.

A key characteristic of our vintage kantha quilts is their distinctive patina. The term "patina" refers to the change an object undergoes over time due to natural aging and use, leading to unique changes in color, texture, or glossiness. This patina is a testament to each quilt's unique past. Any signs of wear, slight imperfections, or variations in the fabric are not flaws, but rather add character and depth to each piece. These nuances are to be cherished and appreciated, as they make every quilt a unique narrative of its journey through time.

Our small, dedicated team, based in New Delhi, India, lovingly handcrafts each of our garments. The process, from start to finish, is marked by a commitment to preserving the authenticity and quality of the traditional kantha embroidery. We meticulously sew each piece together, resulting in unique garments that truly capture the essence of the age-old kantha tradition while offering a stylish, vintage aesthetic.

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