I was at the end of an around the world 6 month backpacking trip. India was my grand destination. I thought if I could travel India solo, I could do anything. Everyone told me not to go. That it was dangerous, especially for a woman. Everyone’s words meant nothing, I knew there was going to be something special for me. I was being called. I felt like it was a giant treasure box waiting to be discovered. When I got there, I was overwhelmed with the colors, smells and culture.

Luna Wild Collection was created during my travels in India. I noticed the women dripping in bold colors with embroidery that stunned the eye. They beamed with confidence, gathered together creating a kaleidoscope of colors. The traditional Indian Sari is considered a cultural icon representing feminine grace. Intricately sewn and hand embroidered they are as delicate as they are powerful. 

I met a young woman at the market in Goa who told me about her family business. Her Grandmother and Aunt make all their clothing themselves, even down to the dye and embroidery on the fabric. We had an immediate connection and started working together. We decided to create dresses and kimonos together, made from upcycled Indian Saris.

I had to bring this essence to the West in hopes that women would start being brave to be bold and inspire others to do the same. Why don’t we slip into something different? Wear something that ignites our inner goddess and makes us feel strong, beautiful and confident? When you love yourself, you have a light that others are instantly attracted to and inspired by. Let’s be those people. Let’s be the people that elevate others by our willingness to allow our truest selves to be seen.

About 6 months in I realized I had the power to employ a human being. I had the power to change someone’s life, to make a REAL difference. Learn how I give back through Luna Wild's Circle of Empowerment.

- Ashley Bousquet, Founder & Designer



A person who is brave enough to be bold, both in character and the willingness to live. To live passionately and mindfully, taking the world in with each breath as a song. To dance their way through and whisk up others into their grace. With confidence so strong you feel sunshine in their presence and cannot help but to be inspired by their warmth. Someone who is Luna Wild is on a mission to seek beauty in all aspects of life, including within their self. Beauty in terms of kindness, wisdom and open mindedness. A humble human who radiates love and forever passing that energy onto others.

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