Vintage Saris

Every unique vintage sari in our collection has a story to tell. Each piece is hand selected by our founder, Ashley, directly from the heart of India.
What is a Sari?

A sari is not just a garment; it is a symbol of grace and tradition worn by women throughout India. Crafted from unstitched fabric and adorned with symbolic colors and patterns, a sari is draped around the body in a multitude of styles. In keeping with an age-old tradition of slow fashion, saris are traded and passed down through generations, serving as timeless adornments for women.

While the art of the sari has started to fade in modern times, Luna Wild is devoted to bringing their vibrancy, history, and thoughtful design back into contemporary fashion. Our founder and a dedicated team of tailors select only the highest-quality saris to repurpose into our one-of-a-kind power pieces.

Sari Selecting
In India, Ashley meticulously sifts through thousands of vintage saris, handpicking only those with the highest quality and most captivating patterns. These selections are then subjected to a rigorous quality check by our expert tailoring team, who ensure that only the very best make it into the collection. Each piece, as individual as you, is created with love, intention, and a deep respect for the art of the sari.