Vintage Upcycling

At Luna Wild, we transform vintage saris and kantha quilts from the vibrant textile trade in India into powerful and luxurious statement pieces.

Each garment we create is an echo of an age-old tradition — the revered Indian practice of reusing and repurposing treasured fabrics as they journey across regions and generations.


Every Luna Wild garment is:
✨ One-of-a-kind, handpicked by Ashley
♻️ Upcycled from vintage saris and kanthas
🤝 Gives back 5% profits to Purnata
❤️ Handmade in small batches in India


✨ Unique, Just Like You

Every Luna Wild piece is a unique gem, crafted with handpicked vintage textiles and intricate designs. Once a piece is gone, it's truly gone. We invite you to discover a Luna Wild piece that resonates with your inner power and feels like it was made uniquely for you.

♻️ Founder Sourced Vintage

In India, our founder hand-selects thousands of vintage saris and kanthas, choosing only those with the highest quality and most vibrant designs. These selections are then brought to our dedicated tailoring team, who meticulously transforms them into small batches of contemporary luxury clothing. Each Luna Wild piece is unique, upcycled, and made with love and intention, testament to our commitment to sustainable fashion.

🤝 Circle of Empowerment

Our journey goes beyond fashion. We've partnered with Purnata, a non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking and rehabilitating survivors in India. With every Luna Wild piece, we create a Circle of Empowerment— donating 5% of profits and collaborating throughout the year. Your purchase not only empowers you, but it contributes to a greater cause.

❤️ Mindful Growth and Quality

Last year, Luna Wild evolved by partnering with a woman-owned design house in India where she co-designed her next generation of creations. Working with their highly skilled tailoring team, we've elevated the quality of our products and discovered new possibilities in the realm of sustainable fashion.