“These adornments are not only beautiful by the way they look, but by the strength, honor and energies that are carried within them. We have created a circle of sisterhood embedded with empowerment, respect, and faith. Luna Wild Collection is made in support of women who are hopeful for a better life and future.”

- Ashley Bousquet, Luna Wild Founder & Designer


Every unique upcycled Luna Wild creation that empowers us, empowers the community where they are created in India through our partnership with Purnata, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing an end to human trafficking and rehabilitating its survivors.

•  Human trafficking in India is a 9 billion USD business and perhaps one of the fastest growing illegal trades in the world.
•  >20% of victims are children under the age of 16.
• India is estimated to have about 2 million working prostitutes, 40% of which are children.

Read the stories behind the statistics from Purnata's survivors here.


Our founder, Ashley Bousquet (center), partners with Purnata to support their program in one of the red light areas of Mumbai that implements human trafficking prevention outreach, conducts rescue efforts, and rehabilitates survivors. Purnata provides survivors with shelter, education, day care, and free resources for their mental and physical wellbeing. Their livelihood program teaches survivors literacy, math, English, and vocational training in tailoring so they can obtain a skill set to provide a life for themselves and their families and integrate into society.

Learn about Purnata's direct impacts and see Ashley's photo featured in Purnata's 2018-2019 Report.

Luna Wild is committed to consistently empowering the women Purnata supports with every Luna Wild piece by donating 5% of profits to their program in Mumbai. Ashley works closely with Purnata throughout the year to understand their needs and hosts fundraisers online and in Southern California to raise funding and awareness for their local initiatives. With the exception of 2020, Ashley often travels to India to collaborate in person with Purnata and connect with the women and families that the organization supports.

Read about Ashley's journey to create Luna Wild here.

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